RARE Original WWII British Blitz/Battle of Britain Set, UXB Flag ,Helmet, Axe, Hose Pipe, & Whistle

RARE Original WWII British Blitz/Battle of Britain Set, UXB Flag ,Helmet, Axe, Hose Pipe, & Whistle. On offer is a fantastic set of original British Blitz/Battle of Britain items comprising of ULTRA RARE UXB Flag, Helmet, Axe, Firemans Hose and whistle. The Ultra Rare flag is very hard to obtain, is the rarest item within this set, the flag is made of heavy cotton material with string attachment cords and readswhich reads KEEP AWAY UNEXPLODED BOMB. These flags were used in the streets to keep civilians away from the unexploded bombs dropped by the Luftwaffe, some of the bombs were over 100lb in weight, the flag wording is printed in Bold Red single sided, has some fraying, most of these were discarded after the war and not many have survived, Size approx excluding cords width 640mm x height 410mm. The Brodie Helmet has red finishing to the exterior with the wording AFS (Auxiliary Fire Service) with two Rank dots either side, the helmet retains its original elasticated chinstrap and makers mark inside of liner dated 1940. Firemen’s wooden Axe dated 1939 on blade, section of wood missing to the top of the axe still very sturdy and intact, length of axe 380mm. Brass Firemans hose pipe end has royal cipher makers mark S & P stamp number 10, 39 which indicated 1939 very heavy brass hose pipe attachment. Whistle WWII British Military Whistle Adle Bros Birmingham dated 1940 with Broad Arrow Stamp working order and in good condition. Fascinating collection of Blitz/Battle of Britain Items a real conversation piece. used, good overall condition. Has much use and wearage please see description above for sizes and condition report

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