German WWII Waffen SS Panzer M43 Cap

German WWII Waffen SS Panzer M43 Cap
A beautiful conditioned totally original Waffen SS Black M43 Panzer enlisted mans visor field cap. Excellent smooth lightweight black material identical to most of the SS wrap over tunics!, all nap remaining,, virtually unissued condition complete with its one piece triangular Bevo woven eagle and skull below. One slight nick to the material of the Bevo insignia close to the left hand wing of the eagle as the cap is viewed. The inside curtains secured at the front with two zeltbahn buttons. The interior has two different sections of lining material have been used, although of identical weight they are slightly different shades, one of the side lining and a different colour for the inner crown lining, using up materials from different suppliers as materials become harder to obtain towards the mid war period, this is a common site. Marked in a large font 892/44 with size 56 below. This is a classic example of the iconic Waffen SS Panzer M43 field cap.

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